Here is what Gingers Mom had to say,

" Tell them at the work camp that it was absolutely their efforts that made her so attractive to us.  For my sons first dog, having a dog that had all that training who I knew would not try to walk all over him -- was what really sealed the deal for us and made us want her!  So they really saved her life by doing that for her, I guess!   Thanks again for everything.  We really love her.  

This morning after her breakfast and potty, she came up to the back door to come in but when Thomas opened the door for her she crouched down as if to say "Wanna Play?"  It was awesome!  So he went out and ran around with her and threw her ball.  She actually ran to the ball and pounced on it, though she did not play with it yet.  When Thomas got home from scout camp today he went right up to her and laid down beside her.  She turned and put her head down on his back!"