Hazel is such a lucky girl! She gets to go to work with her new Dad and be his companion too!

Hazel has learned to love the snow, her golden friend at work and all the creatures that live near home.

Here is what her Dad says about her:

" Hazel is such a sweet girl and such a pleasure to have around. Every one who meets her likes her, she is smart and learning new things everyday. I am working into leaving her at home for longer periods.  "

And more recently:

"Hazel has settled in so well. In the last couple of weeks I notice so many ways that she has adjusted to daily routine. She anticipates so much of  what is about to happen because she remembers how it happens. She has learned new commands that make our interaction easier, learned them well just as a matter of doing from day to day. For example she now understands commands to move over to the left or to the right while on leash, handy when on the road with traffic.