"We really feel blessed that Copper is in our life.  I was not a "dog person" before I started looking for a dog, but even after a week, I appreciate how quickly Copper has made our life richer. "


Copper is truly my husband's best friend; and because of Copper, I see Prasad reaping the benefits of the community we live in. Now when he is outside, it is not just to get into the car to go somewhere; now, he is out with Copper meeting their friends and being an agony aunt for all the doggie ladies! He's also had many an adventure with little children trying to charm Copper and we often have evening chats about these antics. :)

As for me, I have found my walking partner. I can walk and walk for miles on end, but since getting married, I tended to along with Prasad in the car. Now with Copper, I have a consummate walking partner. Rain or shine, we are outside either trekking to find an urban nature's oasis for his nose or at the dog park socializing with our friends.

Thanks again for all your guidance and we will certainly keep in touch!